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Brain Training and Exercise Program


201 North Craig Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15213

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our mission is to promote the overall health and wellness of people who are experiencing mild changes in their thinking by involving them in cognitive, physical, social, and artistic activities.


our vision is a future where affected individuals can extend their highest quality of life by maintaining optimal brain health through integrated activities in a stimulating social environment


About us


BRiTE is an innovative wellness program which promotes brain and physical health and wellness among individuals with mild changes in their thinking.  We were developed by a team of like-minded scientists at the University of Pittsburgh whose goal was to create a setting that would support individuals with mild changes in cognition, and to stimulate their brain and body to improve over-all health and wellness. 


BRiTE is a community-based wellness program for independent adults, not to be confused with an adult daycare program or rehabilitation program.  We are not a clinical program, we do not provide nursing or caregiving services.





Creative Expression

Cognitive Stimulation - individual

*all programming is offered in a group setting unless otherwise indicated

Weekly Schedules


Cost of membership

We continue to be funded through a series of generous contributions from donors.

These donations allow us to operate on a sliding payment scale so that no person is excluded due to income.


BRiTE in the news

UPMC - BRiTE Grand Opening (December 2016)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Pitt Program Stimulates Seniors with Memory Issues (January 2017)


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